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Aerated oil can lead to a myriad of symptoms, including oxidation, thermal and oil degradation and cavitation of the oil pump. Powertrain design and operating conditions can dramatically increase aeration rates. 

Aerify™ Measure provides a continuous, real-time measurement of aeration rates in test stands, powertrain dynamometers or in-vehicle applications.


Downsized oil reservoirs result in lower oil residence times, increased agitation and more frequent pressurization cycles, all of which may result in an increased aeration rate. Performance and longevity of a component may significantly decrease with the presence of air, making controlled aeration tests necessary. 

ATA Aerify™ Control can accurately introduce and control the aeration rate within a lubrication circuit. Aeration rates can follow an engine or transmission profile.


eBook Series: Understanding Aeration & Oil Contamination

Lubrication and cooling systems may experience a significant impact on performance (i.e. reduced lubricity, erosion of components, thermal degradation) upon the presence of aerated oil.

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ebook discussing the dangers of aeration in oil and the different forms it can take
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Software built from the ground up with features specific to testing and analyzing fluid/hydraulic components.

Intelligence comes standard.


All ATA Ensure™ test systems come with FloINT™ (Flow Intelligence) software, built from the ground up with features specific to testing and analyzing fluid/hydraulic components. We include common water pump test profiles (i.e. temperature, speed and pressure sweep and ramp), or you can create your own with our easy drag-and-drop interface. 


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