Engine Oil Pump Maintenance Testing

Fully scalable testing.

Whether you are taking a first venture into component testing or have existing test apparatus that needs to be revamped, ATA has fully customizable and scalable test system solutions. One leading producer of oil pumps needed to retrofit and modernize their existing engine oil pump maintenance testing. They wanted to develop a common and fully interchangeable test platform that could be shared by all existing pump models and new designs.

ATA proposed a solution to satisfy all of the client’s requirements in a timely manner, due to the client’s need for urgent oil pump validation for a high-volume product.

Major modifications and upgrades done to the test stand included:

  • replaced 8 pre-programmed digital speed setpoints with analog motor speed control
  • replaced 6 discrete restriction orifice plates with continuous pressure globe control valve
  • developed a universal fixture interface to match all other oil pump test stands
  • switched from a PLC controller to a PC based control system
  • new aluminum extrusion safety bracket with sliding front door for fast access
  • simple manual part clamping mechanism for quick part interchanges
  • automatic test selection and execution
  • PID pressure and temperature control enables testing at virtually any operating conditions

Advantages of the new system included full pressure-flow profiles for the entire operating RPM range, and improved performance of closed-loop feedback over the previous open-loop system.

Test data captured items such as:

  • pressure vs. flow curves for continuous RPM values
  • temperature vs. pressure drop for open flow conditions
  • internal pressure relief value for closed restriction condition

The ability to program custom RPM profiles and acceleration rates while maintaining PID pressure control provided simulation of field-type operating conditions. Automated scripts track minimum flow conditions at various pressures, and pressure targets at specific RPM values. This solution exceeded the client's needs for comprehensive component testing.

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