Pump Testing Methodologies

Whether developing a new hydraulic pump design that has to closely match predefined specifications, or verifying the functionality of a production unit, an accurate and reliable test system is needed to confirm the functional parameters of those pumps. No matter if you are dealing with fixed or variable displacement pumps, or having to test in conformance with specific SAE or ISO standards, or custom OEM specifications, ATA engineers can help you by delivering the right tool for your needs.

ATA can provide customized test solutions for the following kinds of pumps:

  • engine oil pump
  • engine water pump
  • automatic transmission oil pump
  • power steering pump
  • brake vacuum pump
  • air injection pump
  • ABS pump
  • supercharger compressor
  • rotary gear pump
    • external gear
    • internal gear (Gerotor)
    • internal gear with crescent
  • rotary vane pump
  • centrifugal impeller pump
  • lobe pump
  • piston pump

ATA Design Process

In order to develop an optimal design for an application, or verify a production line part, ATA engineers must be able to confirm many, if not all, of the numerous pump parameters listed below:

  • proper pump assembly
  • required preconditioning
  • pressure & flow capacity
  • inlet pressure control
  • pressure relief valve
  • pressure & flow compensator
  • pulsed-flow behavior
  • pressure stability
  • seal leakage
  • maximum temperature
  • thermal shock
  • erosion resistance
  • cavitation
  • aeration testing
  • cold testing
  • acoustic noise
  • axial & radial load
  • delivery characteristics
  • power input
  • volumetric efficiency
  • mechanical efficiency
  • overall pump efficiency
  • vibration level
  • contamination testing
  • durability & endurance

    After collecting the appropriate data, analysis and interpretation of this data is needed to come up with definite and meaningful test conclusions. This can include time-domain graphing of parameters such as speed or flow rate, frequency-domain analysis of emitted noise, order analysis of pressure pulsations, and many others. Stay tuned for further case studies showcasing some of the work ATA has done with leading companies in the pump industry, in helping them gather vital test data.