Water Pumps - Durability & Performance Testing

Push for efficiency.

Manufacturers constantly need to modify products to incorporate advancements in technology and improvements in design and efficiency. With the push for electrification and improvements in efficiency of components, water pumps have seen significant advancements. Mechanical pumps have increased flow for higher performance applications and electric pumps have eliminated the loss in power and efficiency of running a pump off an engine altogether.

Our test system (ECT) and software (ECTS) platform are designed to be highly flexible and adaptable to these changes so that altered and redesigned models will be supported, and testing new models can be completed with minimal added configuration and programming.

Flexible water pump testing.

In this instance we worked closely to meet the testing needs of our client's engine mechanical water pumps. As a manufacturer of other powertrain components, it was also crucial that the test system support radiators and engine blocks as well. ATA's adaptable solution allowed the client to carry out custom OEM test sequences, as well as develop their own future test parameters in addition to full manual control.

Key system elements included:

  • drive motor selection based on maximum RPM and torque
  • heating & cooling elements based on specified power
  • pressure control valve based on the proper flow coefficient
  • integrated containment tank for water/ethylene glycol mixture
  • insulating heat blanket
  • vacuum controls for internal suction pressure of the water pump
  • automatic email alert option for system alarms to prevent damage

ATA delivered a cost-effective solution using proven technologies and maximizing off-the-shelf components for future replacement needs. Our client could run both performance and durability tests on their pumps, thus maximizing total uptime and efficiency.

Automatic execution of test scripts allowed the client to retrieve:

  • pressure vs. flow sweeps through various RPM ranges
  • delivery measurements based on suction head control
  • cavitation detection based on suction head control

Test script results generate automated final reports, and integrated Test Data Management (TDM) software maintain and organize data from all previous tests.

Turn-key options for your water pump program.

With years of experience building different types of water pump test stands for Tier 1 automotive parts manufacturers and working knowledge of industry-standard OEM test specifications, ATA was able to design eight unique turn-key test systems using the ECT platform.

These products come pre-loaded with our ECTS software designed for the particular test application (performance, durability, etc.). Specific test functionality (such as contamination, cold/thermal shock, vibration, etc.) can be added easily thanks to ECT's modular nature.