Transmission Oil Pump Production Audit Testing

Versatile hot oil audit testing.

Efficient test machine design entails not only supporting current client needs and products, but also any similar models, with the flexibility to adapt to next generation designs as well. Such was the case when we were approached by a leading producer of engine and transmission oil pumps for the automotive sector. The client wanted to develop a common and interchangeable platform for all pump test systems and for verifying the designs for new models. This system needed to support both production audit testing and durability testing.

Some of the many design features for testing efficiency included:

  • Universal fixture interface to match all other oil pump test stands within test lab
  • New PC-based control system
  • Sliding front door for fast access to test bay area
  • Simple manual part clamping mechanism for quick part interchanges
  • Customized test code allowing addition of functionality at client's discretion
  • Closed-loop speed feedback system
  • Automatic test selection and execution, based on detecting the appropriate fixture

Test scripts yielded the following raw data:

  • Pressure vs. flow curves for continuous RPM values
  • Temperature vs. pressure drop for open flow conditions
  • Internal pressure relief value for closed restriction condition

The full scope of the test system was delivered on time in a matter of weeks, while ATA continued to support the client with any testing assistance required after delivery.

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