Engine Oil Pump Durability Testing

Flexible for 000's of hours.

ATA has proven to be successful in design and delivery of automotive ECT systems to numerous vendors, including a world-class leader in powertrain components. For its Engine Oil Pumps, this client needed the most cost effective solutions to test the durability and endurance of existing and future designs of pump models. To maximize test throughput and efficiency, we offered the client dual test bays allowing for concurrent changeovers and capable of running endurance tests that are 1000 hours or more in duration.


Two medium-speed AC motors, each interfaced to their own universal mounting fixture allowed the customer to test other parts in addition to the oil pumps, such as balancer shafts and vibration dampeners. Two fully interchangeable, portable oil cart units are used for conditioning of the test fluid in terms of filtration and temperature control, each one being fitted under its own test head.

All sub-components were designed to maximize reliability while minimizing cost and maintenance. Examples of this include protective capillary tubes on pressure sensors to shield them from high temperatures and pulsations, and the use of easily replaceable off-the-shelf parts.

The data acquisition interface was devised to be modular and scalable by adding spare I/O channels, such that the client would easily be able to add and configure additional sensors. The software suite was designed to allow the manufacturer to collect data in a simple and straightforward way, with the highest degree of reliability.

Features included:

  • predefined pump test profiles and sequences
  • custom test profiles to measure temperature, speed, pressure, etc.
  • custom sampling frequency
  • sensors for intelligent monitoring to prevent test machine damage
  • automatic email or pager options in case of system alarms
  • extractable reports from automatically generated test data

After selecting the type of durability test to be run, such as constant speed, ramping profiles, cyclic acceleration, etc., the client was able to specify the total time duration or number of repetitions for each test.

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