Engine Oil Pump Performance Testing

Raise the benchmark.

ATA was selected by a new client to build a turn-key Oil Pump ECT system to benchmark the performance of existing and future pump models. The client was a premier international manufacturer of powertrain automotive components. The solution entailed a highly configurable and flexible system for running, managing and automating tests with software that enabled more tests in less time, and the collection of the highest quality data with fewer resources.

Intelligent monitoring of test equipment components such as torque sensors and encoders would ensure damage risk to the equipment would be minimized. Sub-system building blocks resulted in lower cost and uncertainty in design, and improved software and system expansion capability. The test stand features an oil-cooled AC motor and universal mounting fixture, enabling testing of many other parts including balancer shafts and vibration dampeners.

Testing factors and variables included:

  • fluid losses
  • pressure drops
  • harmonics
  • temperature gradients
  • pressure vs. flow sweeps through various RPM ranges
  • pressure pulse characterization
  • cavitation detection based on pressure vs. flow curve

Design features to enhance automation and flexibility:

  • easily scripted test sequences
  • ability to load multiple test sequences into one test
  • automatic safety protection features
  • adaptable to addition of thermal test chamber and aeration instrument
  • expandable aluminum extrusion test bay
  • modular design to accommodate multiple test parts
  • universal T-slot mounting fixture for quick switchover times
  • onboard system diagnostics with automatic alarming based on user-created conditions

Automated final reports were generated based on test script results, and integrated Test Data Management (TDM) software helped to maintain and organize data from multiple tests.

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