Engine Oil Pump Production Testing

Increase production efficiency.

ATA Inc. was awarded a project from an existing client to build mobile test systems for production verification testing on six different engine oil pump models. We delivered on the client's needs for an accurate and interchangeable tool to verify pump performance and functionality using a grouping layout for the individual test cells, and by employing laser marking stations.

The advanced automation and software features minimized cycle time per cell, and maximized operational efficiency. An automated hydraulic clamping system was used for quickly securing the pumps, while controlling the amount of axial force exerted. The test system was developed as an open-ended architecture to accommodate future upgrades such as additional analog and digital I/O channels.

Other design features included:

  • preloaded test sequences were on the test stands
  • automatic safety features
  • unsupervised operator control
  • single electrical and controls cabinet
  • HMI touch screen display
  • minimal maintenance with 24/7 testing capability
  • hydraulic clamps automatically load/unload parts
  • optional manual override to set parameters for test software
  • protective anodized aluminum extrusion with polycarbonate plastic
  • onboard system diagnostics with automatic alarming parameters

Each tested pump would go through test sequences for jamming, low-speed/high-speed driving torque inlet/outlet, and vacuum pressure. A pass/fail report is then generated and the integrated software tracks and organizes the data.

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