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Allow Us to Introduce, Ensure™

ATA Ensure™ Test Systems are devoted to thoroughly confirm the design characteristics and production quality of thermal and lubrication components.

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"The auto industry will change more in the next 5-10 years than it has in the past 50" - Marry Barra (GM CEO)

Rapid innovation requires shorter development cycles.

Shorter development cycles increase risk.

Ensure™ is our out of the box solution for fluid & hydraulic component testing. Allow us to make your validation process easier and production line more efficient, with a bench mark test solution birthed from over 10 years of engineering experience. 


Ensure OP™ for oil pumps

Ensure OP™ | E: Electric centrifugal, annular gear or radial piston pumps for lubrication, cooling, auxiliary, start/stop, or actuation applications. Learn more.

Ensure OP™ | M: Mechanical fixed or variable displacement oil pumps. Learn more.

Ensure OP™ | ProMxA: Mechanical oil pump air testing for production. Learn more.

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Ensure WP™ for water pumps

Ensure WP™ | E: Electric water pumps for drive motor, EV/hybrid battery or auxiliary cooling applications. Learn more.

Ensure WP™ | M: Direct-drive or belt-driven impeller water pumps. Learn more.

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Intelligence comes standard.


All ATA Ensure™ test systems come with FloINT™ (Flow Intelligence) software, built from the ground up with features specific to testing and analyzing fluid/hydraulic components. We include common water pump test profiles (i.e. temperature, speed and pressure sweep and ramp), or you can create your own with our easy drag-and-drop interface. 


Value-Added Modules

We’ve developed these unique modules to better test for specific, extreme failure modes.

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ATA Aerify™ Control can accurately introduce and control the aeration rate within a lubrication circuit up to 30%. Aeration rates can follow an engine or transmission profile.

Aerify™ Measure provides a real-time measurement of aeration rates up to 100%, through a continuous flow. High speed acquisition allows for transient measurements between multiple points.

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With ATA Dynamics™, torsional vibration can be introduced and controlled, so that the component under test can be tested with similar angular acceleration profiles as would be experienced on an engine. 

Reduce the need for engine dynamometers during the product development of powertrain components by adding an ATA Dynamics™ enabled test system to your testing laboratory.

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Unlike big thermal chambers, ATA FlashFreeze™ does not use cascade refrigeration, saving valuable time and energy. 

Our module rapidly cools your component by conduction to -40 Celsius, in less than an hour.

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More to Come

Want to learn more about our ensure product line and road map? No problem! Reach out and we will discuss all of our current and future test solutions that fit your needs.