Powerful software compatible with your existing development tools.

Engine Component Testing Software (ECTS) is a robust software package, specifically developed for engine and transmission components in R&D and production test applications. We've designed it to interface with your existing design and simulation tools to accelerate product development.
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Measure and control aeration.

ECT Aerify™ can accurately introduce and measure up to 30% aeration. Simply roll it up, connect the hoses, plug it in and turn it on. It intelligently measures aeration through a continuous flow from your existing test system's fluid circuit. Contact us for details.



Add rapid cold temperature testing ability to your repertoire.

Unlike big thermal chambers, ECT FlashFreeze™ does not use cascade refrigeration, saving valuable time and energy. Our module directly cools your component by conduction to -50 Celsius, in less than an hour. Contact us for details.


The most accurate way to measure torque.

Our proprietary embedded laser torque sensing technology exhibits a high degree of linearity across a very wide torque range. The patent-pending technology is able to measure torque in places where current technology cannot, by leveraging the small size and EMF immunity advantages offered by fiber-optics. Learn more.

We turn revolutionary ideas into reliable products.

ATA has developed years of expertise in developing customized test solutions for automotive components such as pumps, oil coolers/warmers, clutches, bearings, power steering equipment, fuel injectors and throttle bodies. We work closely with our customers to determine the right solution for their needs, based on the provided timeline and budget. Learn more about us.