Maximize uptime.

Assistance for your Ensure™ & ECT™ Systems when you need it.

Automotive Engineering Support Platform

Every Ensure™ and ECT™ solution is based on a comprehensive proven platform, combining years of engineering expertise into product modules uniquely selected and tailored to your specific application. That’s why we’ve come up with ATA Assist™, a way to help your team operate and maintain your Ensure™ and ECT™ System well into the future.

ATA Assist™ is a flexible support package, combining best-in-class offerings to help you maximize uptime and expand your test capabilities. Whenever you require assistance, a new Assist case is created containing all the details, of which you can update on-the-fly. Our team can collaborate to address your needs systematically, providing near-immediate response. Combined with remote access tools already built into FloINT and ECTS™, telephone support and on-site options, ATA Assist™ truly is the best way to maximize the potential of your Ensure System.


Request assistance at any time. Tell us a detailed description of the situation and update it as needed, as your case file is automatically available to our team 24/7.

Remote assistance

Every system preloaded with ECTS™ can be remotely accessed and controlled through Assist. No matter how far away you are, we are right there with you.

Telephone assistance

Whether it’s troubleshooting or setting up a new test plan, we are a phone call away. Thanks to our flexible scheduling, our team is available across all working hours in the NAFTA region.

Global On-site

Some issues can only be solved in person. Assist packages offer competitive rates for priority on-site support from our technicians and engineers.