Commissioning a Oil Pump Production ECT System

This is a video update showing internal commissioning of an end-of-line, Production ECT System for transmission oil pumps.

The system has dual-drivelines, with turntables where the operator loads four pumps per driveline. A gantry system picks up pumps, pre-heats them to operating temperature in ATF fluid, inserts them into the driveline for a full performance test and returns them to the operator.

Accuracy from the top.

External calibration labs can only confirm the accuracy of your sensor.

What about the uncertainty of the rest of the measurement chain? You will still have error in your data caused by the complex mix of hardware and software in your test system.ATA Accurate™ certifies the measurement accuracy of a parameter right to your data file. 

Watch the video to learn how an ATA Accurate™ calibrated test system ensures the integrity of your measurements.

A2LA Accredited ISO 17025 Calibration Service