Electric Power Steering Production Testing

ECT applied to EPS.

Once your product emerges from the production line, you need confidence that it meets all specifications and exceeds test standards. This priority was evident for a power steering component manufacturer who required an end-of-line test stand for their electric power steering (EPS) module. The client needed a compact, flexible and expandable test system to accommodate current and future models of the product. ATA engineers also incorporated a simplified loading & unloading procedure for quick part changes which improved test efficiency.

Design considerations and elements for testing included:

  • torque vs. speed profiles
  • gearbox sizing of output shaft
  • inline torque measurement and safety torque-limiting clutch 
  • mounting fixture to accommodate current/future EPS units
  • input and output shaft interface design
  • pneumatically operated linear slides
  • automatic part loading and unloading 
  • automatic test script execution
  • automated data interpretation and analysis

Data retrieved provided:

  • pass/fail analysis
  • measured rates of change
  • curve fitting
  • additional detailed reports that included actual readings, min & max limits, standard deviations, etc.

ECT solutions let you control the test parameters and specifications, enabling custom test conditions and test types.

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