Hydraulic Pump SAE J2311 Testing

Test to industry standards.

If your company designs cutting edge powertrain components, or has redesigned/remanufactured models of existing parts in production, you will need the confidence that only comprehensive and thorough testing can assure. Our client, a large international manufacturer, needed testing on a next-generation automatic transmission hydraulic pump. ATA needed to devise a test system that could validate performance and durability data for the new pump design as well as benchmark existing models. 

ATA was able to propose an architecture to accomplish the client’s goals, with comprehensive correlation to all procedures outlined by the SAE J2311 standard for testing such components.

Testing focused on various operational parameters including:

  • Speed
  • Torque
  • Temperature (including cold testing down to -40 Celsius)
  • Pressure (inlet and discharge)
  • Flow
  • Vibration
  • Sound pressure level
  • Force


Design product requirements included:

  • Analysis of Torque vs. Speed profiles
  • Sizing of control valves to proper Flow Coefficients
  • Sensors based on technology, range, frequency response and operating conditions
  • Sound Pressure Levels
  • Temperature controls
  • Oil reservoir height adjustments
  • Secondary pressure sources

Features of the customized test system included temperature setpoints for automatic test starting, pressure setpoint stabilization for specified tolerances, and custom speed ramping.

Upon project completion, all documentation for operation, service and maintenance of the test system was released to the client, including mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic drawings and software manuals.

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