Press Release - Introducing Ensure OP™

ATA announces Ensure systems to better test thermal and hydraulic automotive components

Ensure OP™ for motor and transmission oil pump testing is the first in a series of products to be released in the coming months.

(Toronto, ON, Canada — March 8, 2018) Advanced Test and Automation, Inc. (“ATA”), a leading international component test solutions company, today announced the Ensure product line of test systems. These systems are designed to benchmark performance and capture the unique failure modes of specific thermal/hydraulic components (i.e. pumps, valves, heat exchangers, etc.), accelerating the product development cycle and helping to ensure the reliability of components on the road.

The first product to launch is the Ensure OP™, a purpose-built test system designed to characterize and benchmark new oil (engine/motor and transmission) pump prototypes and validate ones at the end of the production line. Customers can choose from a range of measurement circuits to suit the performance envelope of their component, and specific packages for their application (performance, durability or production validation). “Tirelessly compiling, interpreting and summarizing OEM test specifications to define the perfect test system is time better spent making the perfect pump,” explains Anthony Khoryach, President of ATA.

ATA has further developed and integrated its rapid-cooling technology, FlashFreeze™ into the Ensure products as an option. FlashFreeze™ can quickly cool the test medium and component directly to -40°C for the purposes of cold-start or thermal cycling tests. Specific to the Ensure OP™ is optional aeration measurement and control to simulate damaging gaseous concentrations within lubrication circuits. ATA’s upcoming FloINT™ software allows customers to easily create new test plans or sequences to quickly acquire and analyze data across multiple product programs.

“As development timelines shorten in response to rapid innovation, time spent custom-building test machines in an attempt to meet specific test specifications causes risks and inefficiencies that could hurt someone down the road,” said Anthony Khoraych, President of ATA. “Our vision is to make transportation safer, by providing the tools to help parts manufacturers and OEMs ensure their products will do exactly what they intend them to do.”

The Ensure OP | M for mechanical oil pump testing can be ordered today. The Ensure OP | E for electrical oil pumps will be available in the coming weeks, with mechanical/electrical water pump, valve and heat exchanger systems following thereafter.

ATA’s vision for safer transportation began in 2006, with expertise in developing customized test solutions for mechatronic components such as pumps, clutches, bearings, power steering equipment, fuel injectors and throttle bodies. We work closely with our customers to determine the right solution for their needs, based on the provided timeline and budget.

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