Prototype validation involves a wide array of performance tests to verify the ability of a part to meet specific parameters. With ECT™, you can easily specify what parameters you'd like to measure and control, and make new test profiles on the fly. 


A vehicle will drive many miles between the hot sun and frigid snow. Whether you need to run your component for thousands of hours, with contaminants or at extreme temperatures, ECT™ will help you ensure your product is built to last.


As your part nears the end of the production line, quality assurance is a crucial final step. High volumes with low cycle times are equally important. The ECT™ platform is a scalable solution that can handle end-of-line and audit QA situations with ease.


Whether you are auditing remanufactured units for QA or are doing performance/durability audits on multiple product models, an ECT™ Maintenance System is the ideal choice for a cost-effective efficient and effective test system.

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