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Our case studies involve up-close, in-depth, and detailed examination of performance, durability, production (end-of-line) and audit testing.


ATA is global, but that means a lot more than just accepting clients over seas. It means understanding international standards and regulations. ATA put the ground work in to make sure that every client, regardless of location, receives the same high quality experience and end product.

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Back in February of 2017, ATA took a big step forward in expanding their capacity, workforce and potential. After adding 15,000 square feet we filled the space with talent in mechatronics engineering, software engineering, marketing and more. We have committed to our growth as a company and are excited for the opportunities that await us.

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It should go without saying that ATA believes component testing is important, but what may go unnoticed are the little things. The things that the end-consumer may not pick up on, but OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers live by.

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