Platforms increase ROI.


Every new product requires performance, durability and end-of-line testing to insure the product meets its expected specifications and quality. However, often new product projects are evaluated in a vacuum, leading to expensive duplication of capital resources as they are usually deployed for specific applications. Custom capital equipment is often the most expensive, highest risk and fastest depreciating asset of a project. The automotive OEMs learned to use platforms to increase ROI, so it only makes sense to apply the same thinking throughout the value-chain.


The modular test platform concept enables companies to rapidly adapt to testing new product designs in the shortest time, as they are invented. Fully interchangeable setups can be developed and used on different test machines. Companies are then able to deliver products to market faster, by reducing the delivery and quality risks usually involved with sourcing custom equipment. Test platforms help lower total R&D and operating costs, while improving the breadth R&D capabilities.


Our modular test platform, ECT, is more than just a piece of machinery. With hundreds of modules designed and proven by first-tier automotive suppliers worldwide, our platform allows businesses to design and test products to industry standards. New product lines usually require large investments to understand the parameters and test requirements of that product market. With our platform, we transfer that knowledge to you, which you can continue to apply to future projects.

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