Combine virtual and reality.

siloed processes are inefficient

Traditional product development encompasses well-defined steps: design, simulation, prototype validation (which includes in-vehicle testing) and production. Each of these steps often have substantial management and process frameworks, which are duplicated across projects and rarely enjoy synergies. Problems become more costly as development progresses. Data from a prototype test rarely correlates directly to a CAD drawing, making design iterations an expensive process.


We recognized that despite the power of simulation software, it is not a replacement for real-world testing. However, it is wasteful to custom build test benches for specific projects and testing profiles within a vacuum. For example, output from prototype flow testing should interface directly into computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software in a more meaningful way. Simulation tools, real or virtual, should work together to make the engineer's job easier.


Analysis of data happens from the inception of a new product to the moment it reaches the end of the production line. With our Engine Component Testing Software (ECTS), ATA has provided a flexible platform for every step in your development process. Data from CAD, CFD and other virtual simulation tools can be seamlessly integrated into prototype test profiles, and vice versa. Our goal is to make test systems smarter and more versatile to help you create more innovative products.

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