Listed below are a few testimonials from a valued customers

I worked with ATA for years. The customer service received from their staff is the best. Everyone there is very polite and patient when providing help, whether on the phone (which is instant), a remote connection through a computer, or an on site visit. Listen to ATA’s recommendations through your design process and give those ideas real thought, their ideas are solid. The equipment designed is very safe, which was a priority of ATA as well. Never had an issue with employee safety while running their equipment. If I get a chance to work with the crew at ATA one more time I would definitely do it again.
— Westport Innovations
A trifecta of achievements are required for a successful project: be on-time, on-scope and on-budget. ATA’s team demonstrated this success when they delivered a pair of high-quality test systems to us. Beyond the professionalism of their project management team, ATA’s unique platform-based software left us with easy-to-use and robust machines. I would not hesitate to use ATA again for our future testing needs.
— SHW Pumps & Engine Components

I had business dealings with ATA in Canada in 2010. At that time, our company entered the field of automatic transmission oil pump. We urgently needed a high-performance test bench. After contacting ATA, we knew that the company had rich experience in developing oil pump test benches.
— Chongqing Hongyu Precision Industry Co., Ltd. | Pump Division