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Test Systems

The greatest ability is dependability.

Devoted to thoroughly capturing the performance envelope and understanding the failure modes of electrical and mechanical, fluid/hydraulic components.

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Add rapid cold temperature testing ability to your repertoire.

Unlike big thermal chambers, ECT FlashFreeze™ does not use cascade refrigeration, saving valuable time and energy. Our module directly cools your component by conduction to -40 Celsius, in less than an hour. Contact us for details.


Measure and control aeration.

ECT Aerify™ can accurately introduce and measure up to 30% aeration. Simply roll it up, connect the hoses, plug it in and turn it on. It intelligently measures aeration through a continuous flow from your existing test system's fluid circuit. Contact us for details.


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A modular platform for component testing.

A test equipment platform designed for manufacturers of low-carbon, electrified or light-weighted engine and transmission components. Proven technology for shorter delivery and reduced risk. Learn more.