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Introducing FloInt™

FloINT™ was built from the ground up to be the best software to test fluid/hydraulic components. It is an intuitive software designed to be used by non-programmers and test technologists to achieve new test functionality quickly and reliably.

One of the key differentiating features is the Plan Editor, a scripting environment that allows the designer to develop test execution plans. Using simple drag-and-drop commands, the user can order the sequence of events to occur within a plan, as well as use logic to determine the next sequence of events based on pass/fail criteria, alarms or user input. All configured test sequences are saved as a plan and can be run from the user interface with different variables for different component types.

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All Ensure™ test systems come with FloINT™ software

Ensure™ is our line of turnkey systems for oil and coolant component testing. Make your validation process easier and with a modular test solution developed from over 10 years of test engineering experience. 


Add Capability



Quickly configure channels with ranges and tolerances to measure and control manually or as part of a plan. Automatically set alarms is a channel value falls out of range.


Create test plans with variables. Input variables can be configured for each component types, to quickly reuse a plan on a new model.


Take any input channel and instantly create closed-loop PID control with any output channel. This could be used for software-defined pressure or flow control, for example.


Real-time graphing, statistical analysis, user management, database read/write, automatic ramp/step functions, CSV import and more. You can import your own LabVIEW VIs as well. 


 Key Features

Key differentiating factors setting FloINT™ apart from other custom-developed test software:

  • Take any input channel and perform closed-loop PID control with any output channel. This allows for software-defined pressure or flow control.

  • Record (in parallel) any number of instances, with various durations and at different rates, to allow for segments of data relating to various points of interest.

  • Dynamic Sensor Signal Limits Monitoring to allow to fault out on a high or low pressure value, that is dynamically adjusted based on speed.

  • Screen allowing for the use of a test profile for different pump models.

  • Create ramp or step functions for any of the machine outputs.

  • FloINT™ updates all the controls on the manual screen in real-time to visually indicate current settings and to allow a manual override concurrently, if required.

  • Any combination of channels can be recorded at will, with a user-defined file naming scheme and the option to save to a CSV file or database.

  • Online training portal for new users to learn about the software and pass skill-testing questions.

  • Built-in help screens and tips for users to learn while editing test plans.

  • Pre-loaded with some sample test profiles for characterization and durability testing.

  • Hardware and software allows for channel addition and expansion without the need for any programming.

  • User management with various access levels for operator names and profiles (optional).

  • Automated email notifications based on certain triggers.

  • Logs every emergency-stop condition to track uptime and allow for analytics on causes of stoppages and troubleshooting.


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